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Ever needed to know what it would cost to cover a specified area with a specified product? MyQuotes does everything for you, all you have to do is enter your measurement and rate, you get an immediate results!

MyQuotes supports any unit of measurement, some built-in profiles with more coming soon.

MyQuotes is also user-friendly, easy to use and figure out, with a very simplistic design, running with minimal memory usage allowing it to run on even the smallest computers.

MyQuotes was made for small business owners by a small business owner,

We take pride in our product!



-Calculates surface area profile (Rectangular, Circular, Cylinder, Cube, with more profiles coming soon)

-Set rate according to paint, color, customizations, etc.

-Add or Subtract a percentage to adjust quote, allows you to compensate, (example. Regular customer gets 5% discount. A Clear coat cost 50% more.)

-One Click to get quote



-Added profile for tubing, supports both circular and square tubing.

-Added visual aids to help user.

-Added hints.

-Fixed various bugs in the application.



-Advanced rate configuration;

   -Configurations for Base coat and Top coat

   -Specific gravity input

   -Film Thickness input

   -Efficiency input

   -Cost Per lb input

   -Calculates General Labour

   -Calculate Prep Labour

-Estimates amount of powder needed for Base coat and Top coat

-Square profile can now also be used to configure trapizoid profile

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